NEW! Indoor Cricket Community Umpire course
Date of Event : Fri Aug 26, 2016 10:00AM

Cricket Australia's Indoor Cricket Community Umpire course will provide you with the necessary knowledge & skills to umpire games of indoor cricket. Umpiring indoor cricket is a great way to enjoy another aspect of the game, and earn some money at the same time. Upon completion, you will receive nationally recognised accreditation as an Indoor Cricket Community Umpire.



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The Indoor Cricket Community Umpire course may be found in the Umpires section under “courses” on the Community Cricket website


Who can undertake the course?

  • Current indoor cricket umpires (in-house competitions) with state-based accreditation;
  • Those interested in becoming indoor cricket umpires on a regular paid basis for the first time;
  • Parents who, from time to time, are required to officiate in indoor cricket junior competitions;
  • Students or teachers who may officiate indoor cricket school competitions; and,
  • Anyone wishing to expand their knowledge of the game of indoor cricket.


What will I receive?

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be recognised as having completed all components of the Indoor Cricket Community Umpire course and will receive an Accreditation certificate and a Cricket Australia Accreditation polo shirt in recognition of this achievement.


How can I register?

The accreditation program is conducted in two parts:

  1. On-line component which is a nationally approved course that will provide on-line training skills to umpire indoor cricket; and,
  2. Practical Training at an indoor sports centre, where you will have the chance to apply the knowledge gained in the on-line component of the course.


Registration for this course can be made by visiting and the total cost for both components of the course is $40, which may be paid upon registration.


To find your nearest indoor sports centre, visit

For further information, contact your State or Territory Indoor Cricket representative



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Anton Croxford

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Mitch Farnell

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Stewart James

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Oliver Graham

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Ross Gregory



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Alan Singer




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