Australia enjoys success at 2016 Indoor Cricket Trans-Tasman Series
Date of Event : Tue Sep 13, 2016 9:30AM

A dominant Australia has won all four divisions of the 2016 Indoor Cricket Trans-Tasman Series in Port Macquarie, New South Wales.


The tournament finished on Saturday, with Australia’s Open Men’s, Open Women’s, Under-22 Men’s and Under 22 Women’s teams all winning best-of-five series against New Zealand.


Three of the series wins were clean sweeps.


Australia’s Open Women’s, Under-22 Men’s and Under-22 Women’s all came away with 5-0 victories.


In the Open Men’s series, Australia locked away the series win in game four, before New Zealand won the final match to make it 3-2.


‘Player of the Series’ awards were announced at a closing function on Saturday night, with Australia’s Dulane Carson (Open Women’s) and Adrian Lascu (Under-22 Men’s), and New Zealand’s Navin Patel (Open Men’s) and Skye Bowden (Under-22 Women’s) recognised for their efforts.


Cricket Australia’s Indoor Cricket Manager, Paul Milo, said: “It was great to see such a high level of skill on show from some of the world’s best indoor cricketers,” Milo said.


“From an Australian perspective, the strong results were a positive sign, with this being the only international tournament for our players this year, heading into next year’s Indoor Cricket World Cup in Dubai.


The tournament was hosted at The Ark Sports Centre in Port Macquarie, with the support of the Port Macquarie-Hastings Council.


“The facilities at The Ark Sports Centre were fantastic, and the support of the host venue and Port Macquarie-Hastings Council ensured this event was a success,” Milo said.


All matches were live-streamed at, with match replays, results and tournament stats also available on this website.



Series Results

Open Men’s: Australia 3 – New Zealand 2

Open Women’s: Australia 5 – New Zealand 0

Under-22 Men’s: Australia 5 – New Zealand 0

Under-22 Women’s: Australia 5 – New Zealand 0


Award Winners – Player of the Series

Open Men’s: Navin Patel (New Zealand)

Open Women’s: Dulane Carson (Australia)

Under-22 Men’s: Adrian Lascu (Australia)

Under-22 Women’s: Skye Bowden (New Zealand)






           Open Men's CHAMPIONS - AUSTRALIA


             Open Women's CHAMPIONS - AUSTRALIA

            Under 22 Men's CHAMPIONS - AUSTRALIA








      Under 22 Women's CHAMPIONS - AUSTRALIA






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