Queensland Dominate 2018 Masters Championships
Date of Event : Sun Jun 3, 2018 4:25PM

Yesterday saw the completion of the 2018 Masters Indoor Cricket Championships, with teams battling for their respective championship titles. Across the four divisions, in awake of claiming three titles last year, Queensland will take home another three this year. With New South Wales the only other victor, the 2018 championships have been dominated by Queensland. 


35 & Over


In a remarkable event at Joondalup's Bouncer Indoor Sports Centre yesterday afternoon, the 35 & Over Grand Final between Queensland and New South Wales ended in a tie, with both sides scoring 96 runs each. In the result of a tied final, teams compete in an additionalshortened match. With each batting pair batting for two overs each, the total of overs are cut in half when comparing the structure to a typical indoor cricket match. 


In the re-match, Queensland were crowned victors by 119 runs. 


Grand Final (Tied):

Queensland (96)  tied  New South Wales (96)


Kevin Borchert (17 runs) of Queensland and Brett Collison (28 runs) of New South Wales were key contributors in the tie. 



New South Wales (22) defeated by  Queensland (41)


Brendon Kleidon (12 runs & 3/-12) was crowned player of the match. 



40 & Over


Shadowing the 35 & Over Grand Final, the 40 & Over Grand Final was a thriller, being won by just 1 run. With the ACT having finished on top of the table, their challengers Queensland were clear underdogs going into the match, however as history shows, in a Grand Final either side are capable on their day. 


Australian Capital Territory (80) defeated by Queensland (81)




45 & Over


In their clash on the WACA Court, New South Wales and Western Australia were in a gritty battle for the majority of the match, however, tight resistance from New South Wales' bowlers at the death was too strong for the hosts.


New South Wales (91)  defeated Western Australia (61)


Stephen Simmons (17 runs & 2/3) of New South Wales and Perry Crutchett (3/1) of Western Australia were standouts for their respective sides. 



50 & Over


The 50 & Over Grand Final saw the two Queensland sides battle off for the championship title, but also bragging rights. With a power display of strong batting partnerships from Queensland, it ensured a long plane flight home for the North Queensland side. 


Queensland (114) defeated North Queensland (66) 


Jason Nichol (23 runs) and Edward Marriner (3/-3) were prolific for Queensland, whilst Barry Morrison (24 runs) showed strong fight for North Queensland. 




In addition to the Grand Finals, tournament all star teams were also announced following strong performances from players across the four divisions. Players were selected by a combination of coaches votes, umpires votes and statistics. 


To be expected, Queensland dominated the All Star sides, with 15 representatives across the four divisions; New South Wales were second best with 10 representatives. 



35 & Over All Star Side 

Brendon Kleidon (QLD) 

Craig Cumming (QLD) 

Liam Zammit (NSW) 

Brett Collison (NSW) 

Barry Richards (NSW) 

Kevin Birchert (QLD) 

Bryan Grumley (QLD) 

Chris Betheras (NQ) 

Tony Festera (QLD) 

Shane Kelly (QLD) 

Coach: John McLochlan 



40 & Over All Star Side 

Jason Hays (ACT) 

Matthew Jenkins (QLD) 

Vinesh Bennett (ACT) 

Tode Biracoski (NSW) 

Stewart James (QLD) 

Nathan Rennie (ACT) 

William Floros (ACT) 

Preston Hart (ACT) 

Jason Smit (NSW) 

Scott Rainbow (QLD) 

Coach: Rod Jenkins



45 & Over All Star Side

Paul Wilson (WA) 

Brett Williams (WA) 

Peter Bastow (NSW) 

Stephen Simons (NSW) 

David Stanton (NSW) 

Adam Laird (NQ) 

Wayne Brand (QLD) 

Damian Boardman (WA) 

David Bowden (QLD) 

Les Ham (QLD) 

Coach: Dennis Papworth 



50 & Over All Star Side

Barry Morrison (NQ) 

Edward Marriner (QLD) 

Darren Woodman (QLD) 

Damian O'Hara (WA) 

Christopher Henry (ACT) 

Wayne Glase (NQ) 

Andrew Burns (NSW) 

Tony Plose (VIC) 

Lee Morphew (QLD) 

Phil Shannon (NSW) 

Coach: Michael Alldridge

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