Australia claim 3 titles at MWS
Date of Event Cricket Australia (Indoor): Tue Oct 29, 2019 11:41AM

Australia have concluded the 2019 Masters World Series claiming three titles in the 50 & Over, 45 & Over and 40 & Over divisions. 

Going into the tournament, Australia were defending each of the four men’s divisions, with the women finishing runners up at the previous Masters World Series in 2016. 


Following strong standings for all teams post the round robin stages, Australia made it through to the three Grand Finals on Saturday, claiming all three titles. The Australia teams defeated New Zealand in the 50 & Over and 45 & Over divisions, and South Africa in the 40 & Over division. New Zealand and South Africa claimed the 35 & Over Men’s and the 30 & Over Women’s titles respectively.


Congratulations to each of the Australian teams and award winners listed below.


 50 & OVER Men

Grand Final: Australia def New Zealand

Best Bowler: William Cass (South Africa)

Best Bat: Anton Bosman (South Africa)

Player of the Tournament: Bruce Forbes (South Africa)


45 & Over MenGrand Final: Australia def New Zealand

Best Bowler: Gary Watkins (South Africa)

Best Bat: Robbie Hyndman (New Zealand)

Player of the Tournament: Jason Hardy (Australia)


40 & Over Men

Grand Final: Australia def South Africa

Best Bowler: Glynn Knox (Australia)

Best Bat: Jason Hays (Australia)

Player of the Tournament: Nestus Bosman (South Africa)


35 & Over Men

Grand Final: New Zealand def South Africa

Best Bowler: Bryce Fellows (New Zealand)

Best Bat: David Sampson (Australia)

 Player of the Tournament: Darrin Crook (New Zealand)


 30 & Over Women

 Grand Final: South Africa def South Africa INV

 Best Bowler: Nicolene Boschoff (South Africa)

 Best Bat: Elmarie Conradie (South Africa)

 Player of the Tournament: Megan Bathgate (South Africa)

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