2020/21 Summer Training Squads Announced
Date of Event Cricket Australia (Indoor): Wed Nov 4, 2020 4:01PM

With Covid-19 impacting the ability for National and International events to go ahead in 2020, Cricket Australia, in conjunction with the Australian team coaches and States and Territories, have selected Australian Summer Training Squads. From November 2020, to April 2021 each selected participant will be involved in a webinar series, virtual team activities, as well as having the opportunity to work with their coach to develop personal goals, utilising the Athlete Management System.

The webinar series will see informative and engaging sessions delivered by guest speakers including CA High Performance nutritionists, psychologists as well as those from outside of cricket. Squads will get the chance to help shape the content and topics that are delivered.


Congratulations to each player who has been selected. The Squads are as follows:

Open Women

Alexandra Weeks (QLD)

Dulane Carson (QLD)

Samantha Dixon (QLD)

Jude Coleman (QLD)

Allison Nagle (QLD)

Elizabeth Hall (SA)

Neisha Iles (SA)

Kylie Rattray (SA)

Adelaide Campion (VIC)

Elly Donald (VIC)

Nicole Martin (VIC)

Briony Polkinghorne (VIC)

Rachael Baines (WA)

Danni Montague (VIC)

Ashleigh Doble (QLD)

Meagan Dixon (QLD)

Chloe Rafferty (VIC)

Peta Donovan (QLD)

Ainslee Knight (SA)

Jess O'Reilly (SA)

 22 & Under Women

Kirsten Davey (QLD)

Stacy Rockliff (QLD)

Emily Vallance (QLD)

Katrina Dixon (QLD)

Angie Genford (NSW)

Sarah Turner (NSW)

Tarlee Meaney (SA)

Sophie Roberts (SA)

Zoe Griffiths (VIC)

Paris Rafferty (VIC)

Madeline Wright (VIC)

Lauren Nicholson (WA)

Gemma Cassidy (WA)

Stephanie Beazleigh (SA)

Taylah Gregory (SA)

Amy Peterson (SA)

Lily Awyzio (QLD)

Gillian Chalmers (QLD)







Open Men

Rhys Dearness (QLD)

Ryan Dowse (QLD)

Rob Fitzgerald (QLD)

Lyle Teske (QLD)

Josh Dreaver (QLD)

Luke Ryan (ACT)

Matthew Floros (ACT)

Mark Rice (WA)

Jamie Diener (SA)

Justin Perkins (VIC)

Kieran Perkins (VIC)

Jarrod Armitage (VIC)

Hamish Chapman (QLD)

Kurt Prosper (NSW)

Clive Rose (VIC)

Jack Craig (VIC)

Jarrod Burns (VIC)

Brock Winkler (ACT)

Alexander Floros (ACT)

Tim Floros (ACT)

 22 & Under Men

Dylan Faram (ACT)

Tyler Van Luin (ACT)

Cameron Bullard (SA)

Zac Schwarz (SA)

Jay Jhamb (VIC)

Daniel Van Hees (VIC)

Joshua Fontana (WA)

Cameron Todd (WA)

Kai Hickey (WA)

Kiale O'Brian (WA)

Tyler Granger-Balding (SA)

Zac Reekie (SA)

Oliver Styles (SA)

Reiley Mark (VIC)

Jonathon D'Rozario (VIC)

Jordan Hesline (VIC)

Ben McGilvray (WA)

Louis Crafford (WA)

Jackson Hannon (QLD)

Daniel Ost (QLD)


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